Court orders the Ban of TikTok in Pakistan over showing 'obscene news'

A judge in Pakistan has suspended the TikTok app for violating the country's culture. This is the second time the social network has been fined by a communication agency. 

Pakistani court bans TikTok 

A court in Pakistan has ordered that social media network TikTok be suspended for showing wrong content to the public. This would be the second time the media app has faced suspension in Pakistan in five months. 

The high court in Peshawar under the leadership of Justice Qaiser Rashid Khan gave the ruling after a petition against the tech firm was brought up. Judge Khan said some videos on this top network were against Pakistan's culture and tradition. 

He ordered the immediate suspension of the social media app until they adhere to an acceptable code of conduct. The Pakistani telecommunications' agency has said it will immediately comply with the EU ruling, the spokesman Khurram Mehran told reporters. 

TikTok says they will look into the issue

TikTok has said it has rules which monitor video content, and it hasn't done anything wrong and promised to appeal the ban. '' TikTok has rules which it monitors judiciously. It gives users absolute control over their account and the firm removes any content it deems inappropriate. 

'' The firm stated. '' We have capable administrators in the country who have been trained to do their job well and there are mechanisms to determine if the content is bad or not. This judgment will be appealed, and we will continue to serve our Pakistani customers. ''

Last October, TikTok was suspended for allegations ranging from not regulating wrong and immoral content on its platform. However, after discussions, the suspension was lifted after TikTok assured the PTA they would be more careful.  TikTok allows members to share short skits, but it seems some have used the avenue to distribute nude images.