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What is the symbolism of the dragon necklace?

The dragon jewelry, especially the necklaces of this kind, have long been the prerogative of gods and heroes. Today, they have become trendy objects with symbolic and beneficial meanings. In this article we will discover their symbolism and how to wear it.

The dragon necklace, symbolizes happiness

In the culture of our area, the dragon necklace is used against misfortune and evil people. It is therefore quite understandable that it is often used as a talisman to attract happiness to those who wear them. To go back to the legends, the dragon is a mythical animal with a naturally impressive and imposing power and precedence. In Chinese culture, it represents the yang, the expression of masculine energies. Considering these realities, we understand why the models proposed on the site,, are used to keep away the negative waves. This object also helps to harmonize the energies, in particular in love. It is thus an object which will help you to live the happiness in love with your soul mate. If you are still without a lover, the necklace will create the circumstances for this to happen.

How to wear a dragon necklace properly

The reason the dragon necklace is referred to as a symbol of happiness is because it protects those who wear it from attacks and negative vibes. To wear it effectively, experts recommend placing the object on the chest and not near the heart. To do this, opt for necklaces with relatively short chains or cords. Another way to prevent the necklace from getting lodged on the heart is to choose earring or curb chain models. When it comes to the material of manufacture, you have a free choice. Just make sure that the metal or natural stone you choose has interesting and beneficial energy properties for you. Also think about a choice that suits the personality you want to reflect about you.