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What is the document required for tourists in Mexico in 2021?

Tourism is the engine of development of a region. The contribution of foreigners to the improvement of horizons for a better attraction is the payment of taxes. At the same time, a foreigner in a welcoming environment should be able to congratulate a locality for the efforts made to provide welfare.

The mandatory document: visitax

The new 2021 tax is created in April. Its purpose is to raise funds for tourism in the middle. Visitax , as the name suggests, is now the charge imposed on visitors to the locality of Quintana. It applies specifically to the territories of Cancun, Tulum, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, Caribbean, Puerto Aventuras and Puerto Morelos. It is a region of Mexico that presents sites of attraction that most foreigners visit on vacation or on business in the country. These are places that are both welcoming and peaceful. They are also places chosen by many people to be treated. The sites are therefore visited by a large number of people. This leads the Mexican State to require a tax for any foreigner older than four (04) years. It is necessary to specify that the payment of the tax is obligatory for a visitor who wants to return home. The payment of this tax is proven on the presentation of a payment code at the boarding before the departure of the Quintana.

The information to be provided to obtain the payment code

Registering on the new tax is quite easy. It is done online in a few minutes by providing some information. In addition, it can also be paid at the airports in Cozumel and Cancun. All you need is a valid passport number and email account to receive the code. The credit card, name, age and specify the date of departure from Quintana. This is the information that provides proof of payment of the tax. Although these areas are crowded with people all year round, no paperwork is required that has anything to do with Covid-19.