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What are the most affordable cities to study and live in the US?

Are you planning to live in the US for a while for your studies? It is one of the most popular destinations for students. The country's institutions offer quality education that opens the door to many opportunities. However, not everyone is allowed to live in this country. Here is a list of some affordable cities that can accommodate you for your studies.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City is one of the most affordable cities you can live in the United States. The cost of living in this area is 15.5%, which is lower than the national average. To discover more cities, check out this site. Homes are also cheap in this city, in which only 26.49% of residents' income goes to living expenses. To purchase a home in this environment, the average cost is $149,646. Moreover, residences are not expensive at all. It is the ideal place for international students whether it is for an English program or for graduation.

Indiana Polis, Indiana

This is the capital of Indiana located in the Midwest. It is well known for its Indiana 500 race, but also for its low cost of living. In this US city, flats cost on average between $775 and $994. Moreover, you can live here on a modest income. In fact, Indiana residents spend only 25.24% of their income on living expenses. Also, the cost of living is estimated at 16.2% which is lower than the national average.

Des Moines, Iowa

Des Moines is one of the most affordable cities in the US. The average rent in this area is $700 and $900 per month. In addition, the city's residents spend 23.80 percent of their income on subsistence. The city has a booming economy, making it an ideal place to live and study.