Third-degree murder charge included in fresh charges against Derek Chauvin

The alleged killer of Floyd George has been given additional charges. After a successful appeal, the prosecution has reinstated another charge. 

Floyd George killers get more charges 

The alleged murderer of George Floyd, ex-cop Derek Chauvin has had another charge of murder included in his charges. The former Minneapolis cop has more than seven charges against him and the new one will come at a bad time. He has already been charged for second-degree murder, however, legal experts say that proving a third-degree murder is. Simpler but carries a milder penalty.

In his first appearance in court, he has pleaded not guilty to the charges. The selection process of the jury is presently being considered. Derek is accused of using his knee on the neck of Floyd George for more than eight minutes which caused his death. This has sparked a national protest which led to much destruction and death.

Extra charge simple to prove but smaller charges 

Deciding if to include the new charge has been a source of controversy and has delayed the trial. The maximum jail term he could face is 46 years. However, experts have said that a third-degree murder could stick, but people should expect nothing more than 20 years. 

State lawyers have asked the appeal court to help intervene after their initial request to have the charge reinstated was dismissed by Judge Cahill. The appeal judges ruled that the judge didn't consider all factors before dismissing the charge and ordered it to be reinstated immediately.

The trial of Derek has been dragged for long with many saying they weren't expecting a favorable decision. However, both the prosecution and defense lawyers have said that things need to be cleared before a trial starts. Also, the COVID-19 pandemic hasn't helped the case due to several lockdowns.