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The Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas: A tower that attracts more and more people

In order to attract more people and retrace the history of the French nation, some hotels have reproduced certain replicas of certain historical elements. Among these replicas is the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas. So what is the most important thing to know about this Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas? Follow the thread of this article to get more information about the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas. 

Size of this Tower and reasons for its reproduction

When it comes to the size of the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas, remember that it is half the size of the real tower. Continue this article to find out more about the size and reasons why an Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas was built. Indeed, this replica is 541 feet tall. This replica exceeds the casino building which totals 3647 feet. The planned size of the replica was that of the real thing. The problem that arose was that its location is right behind an airport. On top of that, there is the security of the hotel. 

As you may already know, the creation of this replica will allow the hotel to stand out and compete. As this hotel is situated between a multitude of luxury resorts, it is obvious to try to make a strict difference. 

What to do before you climb to the top of this tower? 

Before you can get to the top of this tower, you will need to buy tickets. Do you want to go to the top of this tower? Simply enter the casino through the main entrance and proceed to the Tower's observation deck. It is at this level that you will pick up your tickets. The employee will show you the way to the lift which will give you access to the top. 

To get to the top of this Eiffel Tower, the price of a ticket is $24.50 plus a fee, for a total of $30.25. For younger children (4 and 12 years old), the ticket price is $19.50 plus fees, for a total of $25.25.