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Some cider products to discover

Cider is an alcoholic beverage made from apples. It is becoming increasingly popular because of its unique taste and its wide variety of derived products, each with its own unique flavor. Whether it's raw, sweet, sparkling cider, cider vinegar or cider-based spirits, each product has something unique to offer cider lovers and aspiring chefs. In this article, we will explore the different cider products available on the market and why they deserve to be discovered.

Brut cider

Brut cider is the most common form of cider, made from unsweetened and unfiltered apples. Here is an example of a brut cider : visit homepage. It has a drier and more acidic taste than other types of cider. Brut cider is often used in cooking to add a unique flavor to sweet and savory dishes. It can also be enjoyed on its own or with a variety of foods.

Sweet Cider 

Sweet cider, as the name suggests, is sweeter than brut cider. It is made from sweeter apples and is often filtered to remove sediment. Sweet cider is often considered easier to drink than raw cider and is popular with those who prefer sweeter drinks.

Sparkling Cider 

Sparkling cider, also called sparkling cider, is fermented twice to add bubbles to the drink. It can be either raw or sweet, depending on the manufacturer's preference. Sparkling cider is often served at celebrations and special occasions and is a popular alternative to champagne.

Cider vinegars 

Cider vinegar is made by exposing cider to the air, which turns it into vinegar. It is often used in cooking to add a unique flavor to salads, sauces and marinades. Cider vinegar is also valued for its health benefits, including its ability to help control blood sugar and improve digestion.

Cider-based spirits 

Cider-based spirits are alcoholic beverages made from fermented cider. The most common are calvados and pommeau. Calvados is a brandy aged in oak barrels, while pommeau is a mixture of cider and brandy. Both are often used in cooking to add a unique flavor to sweet and savory dishes.