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Searching for your lost cat: what are the steps to follow?

The cat is one of the most beloved pets. As such, its disappearance can cause anxiety and sadness to its owner, which will push him to find his cat. Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to make it easier for a lost cat or dog to find their cat. If you have a cat that has gone missing, read on to discover some essential steps.

Home check

As silly as it may sound, first and foremost you should always check your home after noticing your cat is missing. Because they are little rascals who like to hide in inaccessible places, as you can see on the web site, either to rest or to have a good time. They can also hide in an inaccessible corner of the house if they are injured or if they have done something stupid. In order not to start a search for an animal that is not lost, it is recommended to search your home thoroughly.

Repeat call

After a thorough search of your home without any satisfactory results, you will proceed to call your cat repeatedly. Call your cat's name out loud for at least 5 minutes every 30 minutes and wait in the same place for 10 minutes. Then, if you still don't get a response, do the same, but in a different location. This will allow him to locate where the cry is coming from so that he can come and see if he is not already miles away from home. Indeed, cats have a sensitivity and a fine hearing which will allow him to hear you calling his name. At this point in the call, concentrate on being able to hear the slightest noise, as he may be trapped in a cellar or on a branch, or he may be injured.

Make search notices visible

In addition, post your search notices with your contact details and your cat's photo and first name. This will allow anyone to get involved, willingly or not, in finding your cat. Indeed, thanks to the poster containing your cat's name and photo, if someone stumbles across your cat and remembers the photo on the poster, they will contact you. Also, you can ask the passenger to share the information on social networks, which will increase your chances of finding your cat. However, beware of scams, as there are unscrupulous individuals who will take your details and demand a ransom.