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Prince Williams insists the Royal family not racist 

After the debacle involving Prince Harry and Meghan, Prince Williams has said the monarchy isn't racist. The prince was asked during a routine office visit to a school about their involvement. 

Prince Williams says Palace, not 'Racist' 

The prince insisted that the monarch in England is not racist in any kind. He has insisted they are not racist despite insinuations by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. He has said he hasn't talked with his brother, after the interview, but promised to do so soon. 

Meghan Markle and her husband said the royal has raised issues over the color of their son 'Archie' whose skin was black. The palace was adamant that the issue was a concern they would look into it fully. When Prince Williams visited a school in Stratford on Thursday, he was asked by media people if the palace was racist, he replied, 'Not at all, the monarchy isn't brought up like that. 

I haven't talked with Harry - Prince Williams 

We are dedicated and accommodating' '. When he was probed further if he had talked to his brother, Duke of Sussex, he said no, but he hoped to speak to him very soon. This is not the first time, any royal family has come out as the Prince of Wales went to an event last week. 

The prince's advisers had said they won't be entertaining any question related to Megan's controversial interview, he couldn't resist it. Prince Williams knows that any statement about the issue will be news. There have been issues about the feud among brothers, as Prince Harry said there's a huge gap between. It isn't clear when last they spoke, but it seems there are various problems between them.

The comments about their child's color. The Meghan interview has generated so much controversy which has consumed some media personalities like Piers Morgan.