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How to encourage your children to buy French?

For a number of years, the "Made in France" has been more and more popular. It is now more easily integrated into the daily life of the French, who no longer hesitate to indulge in it. This success is also worth the new strategy in gestation. This strategy is going to take shape with the creation of a payment method specific to "Made in France". "The French card", since that's what it is, is a project presented to the public on the 5th of this month of November.

Some important tips for putting children at the heart of French products

Including children in any initiative related to the promotion of "Made in France" is a great idea. This can be achieved by getting them used to French products by offering them greeting cards, therapeutic foods and other French products, for example. More details here, On a special occasion, such as Christmas or his birthday, you can offer the child for example stuffed animals or mugs. These are in fact t-shirts manufactured by marketplaces specializing in made in France. Offering some as a gift to your offspring is to provide them with psychological support on their personality, especially when it is a personalized model.

The new strategy to encourage the consumption of "made in France"

In addition to local products to accustom your children to encourage them to buy French, a strategy is thought to boost the initiative. It is well expected the project “French card” which is intended as a kind of card usable online and in stores. It is not equipped with an electronic chip, but only with magnetic strips. According to the designer, this card will be of great use in more than one hundred partner stores producing “made in France”. Also included in this framework are those whose catalog is rich in 70% of products of French manufacture. Talking about these partner stores, it is mainly about French underwear, 1083 (jeans) or French baby bottles (children).