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How to better manage your call center and customer service ?

There are some key skills that will help you better manage your call center and customer service. It is therefore important to be aware of these skills and to adopt them as soon as the need arises. In an effort to help you do this brilliantly, this article is here to provide you with some methods.

How to address the customer during the call ?

One of the key factors in customer satisfaction will be to address the customer in the way they like to be addressed. This is part of the call center solution. Listen to your customers first, they will tell you how they prefer to be addressed. "I'm Dr. Robert," call him doctor. "I am Marie Lemaire", call her Marie or Mrs. Lemaire, I am "Adeline", call her by her first name only.

Remember, if customers don't like the name you gave them and they let you know, then you should apologize and address them in the way they prefer.

How do you put the customer on hold ?

When you have to put a customer on hold, it is important that you follow the proper protocol that will help you avoid some rather awkward moments. The correct way to do this is as follows. It is a good idea to inform the customer that you are going to put them on hold. Give them the reasons for the hold. Most importantly, give an approximation of how long they will be on hold.

If the call is on hold, and it will be extended, you should take it back from time to time to let the customer know that you are still there. Thank the caller for waiting when you resume the conversation. Sometimes being on hold is an inconvenience to the caller, so never automatically assume that the caller will accept.