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Development of some taxes and duties applicable in a legislation

Whether it is a natural or legal person, a tax amount is always paid to legislation. Therefore, this tax burden is levied directly or indirectly. In this regard, we will talk about:

Income tax

Every company is taxable. Depending on its legal status, a company is subject to income tax. Therefore, this hyperlink leads you to an even more explicit content. The income tax concerns natural persons as well as sole proprietorships and certain companies. It is calculated on the basis of the various incomes of the tax household including the taxpayer, the spouse and the dependent children. The tax rate is then determined according to the size of the household and according to the progressive scale. Thus, income tax is deducted in two stages. First, there is the payment of social security and employer's contributions which are directly deducted from the salary. In the second stage, the taxable income is declared.

The domestic consumption tax on energy products

Formerly known as the domestic consumption tax on petroleum products, the TICPE is a tax on petroleum products intended to be used as fuel or heating fuel. It covers a number of energy products. The TICPE is calculated in proportion to the weight or volume of the product when it is put into circulation. For this purpose, this tax depends on the nature of the product and the region concerned. As a result, the internal tax can be adjusted upwards or downwards during the year, depending on the variations in the price of oil.

There are so many taxes that we could not develop them all. Note however, that we must also pay local taxes which are used to finance in part the budget of local authorities. Nevertheless, the information presented here has a purely informative character. It can be updated at any time.